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Not so Fantastic Feasting Essay Example for Free

Not all that Fantastic Feasting Essay All around town individuals have been discussing the new Mexican eatery, El Fogon (The Stove), by the cinema on the Interstate Parkway in Green, OH. Individuals are eager to have another eatery and are on edge to attempt it. Be that as it may, accept my recommendation and don’t burn through your time on visiting this joint except if you like oily and filthy food. El Fogon has an abnormally spotless feasting territory and a deceivingly welcoming and individual air, none of this compares with the staff at all piece. Despite the fact that the laborers demonstration and dress moderately, we trusted that our requests will be taken for over fifteen minutes. The menu was spread out pleasantly and made it simple to perceive what food they offer at the eatery. The print on the menu was little yet I for one had no issue understanding it. All the things on the menu went from four dollars to ten dollars. The food I was served was not new and the introduction was messy. I requested the taco plate of mixed greens yet it appeared as though something my multi year old more youthful sister would make out of mud. My companion, Shannon, consistently arranges quesadillas when going out to eat. She didn’t like the quesadillas by any means; she depicted them as being oily and had doubts that the prepares had prepared her food in old broiling oil. We both arranged the two dollar tacos, which were presented with your decision of chicken or steak on a handfull of lettuce on a locally acquired shell. They were exceptionally frustrating and neither of us completed them; they were dry and bland. On a positive note, the segments were amazingly enormous at the costs recorded on the menu. I have visited El Fogon once before my past visit. I had requested the taco serving of mixed greens during my first visit; it was introduced pleasantly and tasted so great that I had completed my entire plate, abandoning nothing. Our server was well disposed and mindful. She appeared to truly appreciate working and welcomed us immediately. Our server during our subsequent visit appeared to have had something bette r to accomplish for our whole visit at the café and possibly moved toward us when we brought him over to our table. He was difficult to see, much like a considerable lot of different representatives and the café, having a profound Mexican inflection. More than once we needed to request our waters to be re-filled, on the off chance that he heard us he came directly over to our table, yet commonly he just left. He didn’t appear to be too glad to even consider being grinding away and seemed to have something different at the forefront of his thoughts. He didn't add to myâ experience by any means. Over the washroom entryway peruses, Baá ¿â€ o meaning bathroom or more the kitchen peruses Cocina meaning kitchen, there is a great deal of emphatically Mexican impacted fine art all through the eatery that I thought added to my experience. Mexican eateries ought to furnish their client with an encounter that is comparative with the birthplaces of whichever Spanish talking nation it is based from and El Fogon worked admirably. There was an enormous bar in the café that was totally vacant and made it simple to see into the kitchen behind it. The kitchen looked extremely perfect and composed. The café is huge and has an excessive n umber of tables for the quantity of clients at some random time. The bathrooms were perfect and huge. The entryway to the women’s bathroom peruses niá ¿â€ as meaning young ladies or ladies, and the men’s bathroom entryway peruses niá ¿â€ os meaning young men or men. Ginny R. from Green, OH, has applauded the eatery for the nature of its food, parcel sizes and low-valued menu. I do concur that the bits are huge and the menu is amazingly sensible, however the nature of the food served at El Fogon is so modest and tasteless that it isn't worth a large portion of the value that the menu claims for it. â€Å"Great nourishment for a sensible price†, claims Aaron H. from North Canton, OH. The main thing that is acceptable on the El Fogon menu is the cheddar sauce that you can arrange for the chips, yet even the chips are oily, dull, and bland and also under salted. Another Mexican café in the region, Ponchos, has incredible food. The costs are somewhat increasingly costly however the climate and administration consistently leaves me returning needing more. Despite the fact that Ponchos isn't a genuine Mexican eatery the food is still obviously superior to at El Fogon. The proprietor of this foundation must have not gotten their work done when picking the site for their eatery. In spite of the fact that it is near the nearby film theater, and you would expect an occupied out transform of clients into El Fogon, the specific inverse occurs. The eatery is quite often vacant. Cafés in this equivalent area have not kept going over a half year without leaving business because of absence of clients. Shockingly I see a similar result for El Fogon too. Following an hour visit to El Fogon, I left unsatisfied, hungry, and loaded with disappointment. While El Fogon does not merit an excursion or the cash, it was doubtlessly an encounter paying little heed to how awful it was.

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How to Become a Better Homeschooling Teacher

Instructions to Become a Better Homeschooling Teacher As a self-teaching guardian, its regular to think about whether youre doing what's needed and showing the correct things. You may address if youre qualified to educate your childrenâ and search for ways become a progressively successful instructor.â Two significant strides to turning out to be aâ successful self-teaching parentâ are, first, not contrasting your children with their companions and, second, not permitting stress to crash your self-teaching. Notwithstanding, there are additionally some straightforward, down to earth steps you can take to improve your general viability as a self-teach instructor. Understand Books Business and self-awareness and preparing master Brian Tracy has said that in the event that you read a book seven days on the subject of your picked field, you’ll be a specialist inside seven years.â As a self-teaching guardian, you presumably wont have the opportunity to traverse a book seven days in your own perusing, yet make it an objective to peruse in any event one self-teaching, child rearing, or youngster advancement book every month. New self-teaching guardians should peruse books on an assortment of self-teaching styles, even those that dont appear just as they would be engaging toâ your family. Most self-teaching guardians are astounded to locate that despite the fact that a specific self-teaching strategy doesnt fit their instructive way of thinking all in all, there are quite often bits of intelligence and supportive tips they can apply. The key is to search for those key takeaway thoughts and dispose of without blame the creators suggestionsâ that dont claim to you. For instance, you may cherish most of Charlotte Masons methods of reasoning, yet short exercises dont work for your family. You locate that switching gears each 15 to 20 minutes gets your children totally off course. Take the Charlotte Mason thoughts that work and avoid the short exercises. Do you begrudge street schoolers? Peruse the book Carschooling by Diane Flynn Keith. Regardless of whether your family isnt in a hurry mutiple or two days every week, you can in any case get helpful hints for benefiting as much as possible from your time in the vehicle, for example, utilizing book recordings and CDs. Attempt one of these must-readâ books for self-teaching guardians: A Charlotte Mason Education by Catherine LevisonHomeschooling the Early Years by Linda DobsonThe Relaxed Home School by Mary HoodThe Unschooling Handbook by Mary GriffithThe Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer Notwithstanding books about self-teaching, read kid improvement and child rearing books. All things considered, tutoring is just a single little part of self-teaching and ought not beâ the part that characterizes your family in general. Youngster improvement books assist you with understanding the normal achievements for childrens mental, enthusiastic, and scholarly stages. Youll be better prepared to set sensible objectives and desires for your childs conduct and social and scholarly aptitudes. Creator Ruth Beechick is a phenomenal wellspring of data on youngster improvement for self-teaching guardians. Take Professional Development Courses Almost every industry has open doors for proficient turn of events. For what reason ought to self-teaching be any extraordinary? It’s astute to make the most of accessible chances to learn new aptitudes and reliable stunts of your exchange. On the off chance that your neighborhood self-teach bolster bunch welcomes unique speakers for gatherings and workshops, make time to join in. Different wellsprings of expert advancement for self-teaching guardians are as per the following: Self-teach shows. Most self-teach shows highlight workshops and master speakers notwithstanding educational plan deals. Moderators are normally educational program distributers, self-teaching guardians, and speakers and pioneers in their separate fields. These capabilities make them superb wellsprings of data and motivation. Proceeding with instruction classes. Neighborhood junior colleges are a perfect asset for proficient turn of events. Research theirâ on-grounds and web based proceeding with training courses. Maybe a school polynomial math course would assist you with looking over your math abilities to help you all the more adequately show your teenager. A kid advancement course can help guardians of small kids increase a superior comprehension of which subjects and undertakings are formatively fitting for their youngsters. Maybeâ the courses you decide to take have no immediate connection to what you’re educating in your self-teach. Rather, they serve to make you a progressively instructed, balanced individual and offer you the chance to show for your kids the idea the adapting never stops. It’s significant for children to see their folks esteeming training in their own lives and following their fantasies. Self-teach educational plan. Numerous educational program choices highlight material to train guardians on the mechanics of showing the subject. A few models are WriteShop, Institute for Excellence in Writing, and Brave Writer. In both, the teacher’s manual is instrumental in showing the educational plan. On the off chance that the educational program youre utilizing highlights side notes, a presentation, or an informative supplement for guardians, make the most of these chances to expand your comprehension of the topic. Other self-teaching guardians. Invest energy with other self-teaching guardians. Get all together of mothers for a month to month mothers night out. While these occasions are regularly seen as essentially a social outlet for self-teaching guardians, talk definitely goes to instructive concerns.â Different guardians can be a superb wellspring of assets and thoughts you hadnt considered. Think about these social occasions as systems administration with a driving force gathering. You may likewise consider joining a self-teach parent meeting with finding out about your field (self-teaching and child rearing). Start a month to month self-teach guardians book club to peruse and examining books on self-teaching techniques and patterns, kid improvement, and child rearing strategies.â Teach Yourself on Your Student’s Needs Numerous self-teach guardians feel sick prepared to home instruct their youngster with learning contrasts, for example, dysgraphia or dyslexia. Guardians of skilled understudies may believe that they cannot offer their kids sufficient scholarly difficulties. These sentiments of insufficiency may stretch out to guardians of kids with chemical imbalance, tangible handling issues, ADD, ADHD, or those with physical or passionate difficulties. Be that as it may, an all around educated parent is frequently preferable prepared over an educator in a jam-packed homeroom setting to meet a child’s needs through one-on-one cooperation and a redid instruction plan. Marianne Sunderland, a self-teaching mother of seven dyslexic youngsters (and one kid who doesn't have dyslexia), has taken courses, read books, and looked into, instructing herself about dyslexia to all the more successfully show her own kids. She says, â€Å"Homeschooling not just works, it is the best alternative for instructing kids who don’t learn by customary methods.† This idea of teaching yourself returns to the recommendation to readâ books on themes identified with your picked field. Consider your childs interesting adapting should be your picked field. You might not have seven years accessible before your understudy graduates to turn into a specialist in a specific territory, however through research, finding out about his needs, and working one-on-one with him day by day, you can turn into a specialist on your kid. You dont must have a unique needs kid to exploit self-instruction. In the event that you have a visual student, examine the best strategies for instructing her.â In the event that you have a kid with an enthusiasm for a point about which you know nothing, set aside some effort to find out about it. Thisâ self-instruction will assist you with helping your youngster benefit from enthusiasm for the subject.

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Enigma Gold Star Winners!

Enigma Gold Star Winners! To follow up on this entry Thanks for playing Engima Wrapped In A Riddle! Don, tell them what theyve won. Wow! I am impressed by how many of you met the challenge. Initially we had planned to only award one winner, but by the list you can see we are feeling the holiday cheer! The following 20 individuals will get the gold star. If you are listed below, email me (bgnance at mit) your complete name and mailing address and we will send you your gold star. (Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.) If you are interested in seeing more of John Kosticks handiwork, please visit the Quadric Designs website. Until the next time, stay tuned to the MIT network All Numbers, All The Time. First place six-axis and tetraxis winner: (Drum roll in your head) Posted by: Ana L on November 27, 2007 04:32 PM Second place tetraxis winners: (Extended, really long and annoying drum roll) (Please hold all applause until all winners have come to the stage) 1  Posted by: Kim  on November 27, 2007 04:20 PM 2  Posted by: Vika  on November 27, 2007 04:50 PM 3  Posted by: Jai  on November 27, 2007 04:59 PM 4  Posted by: Berkeley  on November 27, 2007 05:29 PM 5  Posted by: Louis  on November 27, 2007 05:31 PM 6  Posted by: Kevin X  on November 27, 2007 06:01 PM 7  Posted by: Chris  on November 27, 2007 06:18 PM (commented to give his prize to Melis) 8  Posted by: Merritt B  on November 27, 2007 06:28 PM 9 Posted by: Lauren S. on November 27, 2007 06:48 PM 10 Posted by: donaldGuy  on November 27, 2007 06:53 PM 11 Posted by: SKishore  on November 27, 2007 07:13 PM 12 Posted by: Karen  on November 27, 2007 07:49 PM 13 Posted by: Keshav P  on November 27, 2007 08:12 PM 14 Posted by: Will  on November 27, 2007 08:45 PM 15 Posted by: intleyes  on November 27, 2007 08:56 PM 16 Posted by: Zev Chonoles  on November 28, 2007 06:21 AM 17 Posted by: harrison  on November 28, 2007 04:49 PM 18 Posted by: Vihang  on November 29, 2007 03:24 AM 19  Posted by: Shantini  on November 29, 2007 06:58 AM 20 Posted by: Leo V  on November 30, 2007 10:11 AM

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Immigration Status case Inquiry - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 582 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2019/10/10 Did you like this example? I am writing this letter regarding the I-485 application, I have been waiting for my green card to be processed for a very long time. I would be grateful if my inquiries were considered. , I registered for permanent American resident, went for the interview with my family, waited   for the official amount of time required to process a green card, but nothing came out. It is now over one year since I applied. I have lived here in America for seventeen years now and I believe that now I deserve to be an American citizen. I am kindly enquiring to what happened to my green card case. I would like you to consider my case for easy processing of my green card. My timeline is very simple and qualifies me to receive green card right away. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Immigration Status case Inquiry" essay for you Create order I grew up in Taiwan therefore I was so close to the western culture, I can still   remember the very first western thing I learnt was, it cowboy riding horse in the Marlboro Desert Red cigs ad poster in my father’s study den, it really connected me to the American and I became very curious about America. At the age of 13, I met some missionaries from Utah who turned to be my mentors. These missionaries taught me to the western culture; they taught me Mormon religion, Christianity, English and American value. At some point, I was enrolled in the ESL summer program at Columbia University in NYC; I was so grateful since it was my chance to live in America and be able to learn their value as well as English. After summer I went back to Taiwan and came back to America for high school and college. In collage I met Nicky fell in love and eventually I married her. All these time I was learning the American culture. I also went to Hunter College and graduated with the bachelor in Psy chology and also did fashion design at the Parsons school of design. I dated Justin and got married to him 2015. All the above experience shaped me into the American culture. From high school, college and life outside of school. The western culture shaped me into a real Americans citizen.   I feel like a Native American, and that’s why I decided to register as a permanent residence. I want to become an American resident, I understand everything about them, lifestyle, clothing, foods, education and also their traditions which has turned me to be a real American.   I have lived here for a very long time and also married here, I no longer belong to Taiwan. USCIS communicated to us that they made a mistake of withdrawing my case together with Justin. I realize thats the main reason why was pushed forward. However, it is now 1.4 years; I would like you to consider my case kindly. I understand that my case had some misunderstanding but by now am hoping it should be solved. It is now more than a year since the interview dates. However, I have and own American value, since when I was seventeen years when I came here, I have experienced a lot. I am more American than most Native Americans, I have lived here for other seventeen years. I am looking forward to hearing from you.   I embrace American values. Besides, I do not have any bad records, and I get involved in charity work. Kindly consider processing my green card as soon as possible, and I will be grateful.

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Pip in Charles Dickens Great Expectations - 3985 Words

Pip in Charles Dickens Great Expectations After reading the compelling ‘Great Expectations’ by the famous writer Charles Dickens, I can gather that it is based upon his own psychological insight to life. He makes connections in relation to a specific character or event in the storyline, which were critical in his own expectations. Also Dickens moulds his selection of characters very well into the desired settings he’d created, that matched what he knew only too well throughout his childhood. ‘Great Expectations’ not only satires the issues of Victorian society, yet centres on the rites of passage that marks an important change in a person’s life. Dickens’ issue of contentment is something that concerns many human beings;†¦show more content†¦Dickens builds Joe up well as a character in the way that he had well defined qualities: ‘mild, good-natured, sweet-tempered, easy-going, foolish...’ Pip looks upon Joe as the person who can provide him guidance and one who Pip could seek refuge from his violent sister. Pip becomes dependant on Joe, as he is the only one there for him who is prepared to listen to his problems. Moreover, Joe is a positive influence on Pip, always looking out for him and at the same time offering him security. Despite Joe’s good points, he is not seen a strong enough or suitable role model for Pip, yet this solid friendship leaves Pip clear on how he thinks of his sister compared to Joe: ‘I do not recall that I felt any tenderness of conscience in reference to Mrs Joe, when the fear of being found out was lifted off me. But I loved Joe-perhaps for no better reason in those early days than because the dear fellow let me love him-and, as to him, my inner self was not so easily composed.’ (page38) When Pip is invited to play at the materialistic Satis House, all these good values he has been brought up on are entirely thrown out of the window. Satis House, home of the jilted Miss Havisham and her adopted daughter Estella (Latin for stars), is designed to have a great affect on Pip and in turn, the reader. Its desolateness makes Pip feelShow MoreRelatedPip in Charles Dickens Great Expectations Essay1473 Words   |  6 PagesPip in Charles Dickens Great Expectations Great Expectations, written by Charles Dickens and set in mid-late Victorian era; is about a boy named Philip Pirrip, better known as Pip and his great expectations. As a child he lived with his sister and brother in-law Joe. Luck brings him to the aid of a convict, and to the house of a wealthy society lady. After many encounters with her in Satis house, he seeks a life as a gentleman. A Victorian society gentleman is a man of high socialRead MoreEssay Sympathy for Pip in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens997 Words   |  4 PagesSympathy for Pip in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens For the past half term, in English, we have been spending our lessons on a novel by Charles Dickens called Great Expectations We have been concentrating on the opening Chapters as well as to understand the novel. Great Expectations is based on a boy called Pip. Pip is an orphan who lives with his cruel sister and husband Joe Smith whos a blacksmith. He is poor and lonely as his siblings unfortunately died. Read More Sympathy for Pip in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Essay2049 Words   |  9 PagesSympathy for Pip in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens problems with format    Great Expectations is a novel in which each character is a subject of either sympathy or scorn.   Charles Dickens implies through his use of guilt and suffering that Pip is a subject of sympathy.   Frazier Russell wrote that in Great Expectations the protagonist (through his suffering and disappointment), learns to accept his station in life.(   Also through Pips suffering comes the sympathy the reader feelsRead MoreCharacter Analysis in Pip in Charles Dickens ´ Great Expectations1542 Words   |  7 PagesGraduate, or the next new celebrity. But, these expectations can begin to define a person if he believes he has to conform to societys expectations. In Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations, young Pip feels the pressure from society and his love, Estella, to become a gentleman. By attempting to rise in his social class Pip then abandons his previous good morals and his family members when he moves to London. Each character has aspirations for Pip which he believes he must fulfill in order toRead MoreThe Relationship Between Pip and Abel Magwitch in Charles Dickens Great Expectations1125 Words   |  5 PagesThe Relationship Between Pip and Abel Magwitch in Charles Dickens Great Expectations In this essay, I am to observe the changes in the relationship between Pip and the convict Abel MagwitchRead MorePip in Charles Dickens Great Expectations and Jem and Scout in Harper Lees To Kill a Mockingbird1381 Words   |  6 PagesBoth Pip in Charles Dickens Great Expectations and Jem and Scout in Harper Lees To Kill a Mockingbird have deep fears in early childhood. How do the authors create these fears and vulnerabilities? Charles Dickens Great Expectations and Harper Lees To Kill a Mockingbird are two very different books. Great Expectations tells the story of a young boy growing up in Kent at the beginning of the 19th century, and To Kill a Mocking Bird centres around two children growing up in AmericaRead MoreGreat Expectations: Prose Study Coursework How Did Charles Dickens Create Sympathy for Pip in the Opening Chapter of Great Expectation?1161 Words   |  5 PagesGreat expectations: Prose study coursework How did Charles Dickens create sympathy for Pip in the opening chapter of great expectation? In this essay I’m going to be writing about a Charles Dickens book called ‘Great Expectations’ and how he successfully makes the reader feel sorry for the main character in the book named Pip; a young orphan, alone in a graveyard and how bad his life is or how bad its going to get. Dickens makes the reader feel sorry for Pip because we find out that, apart fromRead MoreGreat Expectations and a Christmas Carol: a True Gentleman Essay1430 Words   |  6 PagesGreat Expectations and A Christmas Carol: A True Gentleman According to Dictionary.com, a gentleman is a civilized, educated, sensitive, or well-mannered man. However, by Victorian definition, a gentleman was, perhaps most importantly, a rich man. â€Å"Charles Dickens†¦was an author of relatively humble origins who desired passionately to be recognized as a gentleman, and insisted, in consequence, upon the essential dignity of his occupation† (Victorian Web). In Great Expectations he portrays Pip, aRead More Attitudes toward Victorian Society in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens1156 Words   |  5 PagesGreat Expectations Explore some of the ways in which Dickens’ attitudes to Victorian society are presented in the opening chapter of Great Expectations. For this essay I will be focusing on the opening chapters of Great Expectations, a novel written by Charles Dickens. I am going to consider the Victorian society at the time and dickens’ use of language to express themes, settings and characters. Charles Dickens wrote this story in the Victorian times. Hence we seem to think what ‘does heRead MoreCharles Dickens Great Expectations943 Words   |  4 Pagesmuch as in Great Expectations. In many ways the narrator/protagonist Pip is Charles Dickens in body and mind. While there are many differences between the story and Charles Dickens life there remains one constant. This constant is the way Pip as the narrator feels, because these feelings are Dickens s own feelings about the life he lead. Since Great Expectations was written towards end of Charles Dickens life, he was wiser and able to make out the mistakes and regrets of his life, and Pip experiences

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Unix Multiprogramming Free Essays

The computer allocated in UNIX to every process, whether a system task or user task. The choice of task to be executed when the CPU becomes free is based on a formula that penalizes tasks that have used most CPU cycles in the recent past. The process priority which can be set by super user (root) is an important part of this formula. We will write a custom essay sample on Unix Multiprogramming or any similar topic only for you Order Now The CPU scheduling algorithm is simple but allows users some measure of control over their workstation performance. The CPU speed defines the capacity of a mainframe for a given release of the operating system. All other hardware components are usually configured so that when the system is fully loaded, the CPU which is by far the most expensive resource becomes the bottleneck. In order to give the user the impression of simultaneous execution, the CPU must be allocated alternatively among the individuals processors. This task is managed by scheduler, a special processor that maintains a list of normal processes and sees to it that the processor handles the next process at certain time intervals. There are various strategies that a scheduler can use to determine which process to handle next, one of these strategies is (round robin) selects the next respective process in the list at regular intervals and puts it at the end of the list after the allocated time if the process is not yet finished. Another strategy assigns each process a priority, whereby processes with higher priority are allocated more CPU time. UNIX employs nice levels, which allow the user to influence the internal priorities of processes. This allows the user to reduce significantly the encumbering of the system by programs running in the background. Likewise the administrator can also raise the priority of important process to ensure faster execution. UNIX does timesharing as well as multiprogramming. Timesharing creates the illusion that several processes execute simultaneously, even though there maybe only one physical CPU. How to cite Unix Multiprogramming, Essay examples

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Yearbook Essays - Academia, Student Media, Yearbook,

Yearbook Every year a small, elite group if kids uses their skills to make up a book. This book contains a small picture of every student in their school, and pages describing sports, clubs, and classes. Each child receives a yearbook filled with items of their high school career. What each student may not understand is the effort it required to make this book that will always keep memories alive. The yearbook alone, with such importance, deserves gratitude. But it is really those who worked on the book that need support and respect. The yearbook staff, with its three groups, deserves much appreciation for their hard work, done annually to create the yearbook. Editors deserve recognition for they bear the responsibility of the entire staff and yearbook. For class, each editor puts in countless hours and endless work. These leaders create the book's theme and all main layout designs, or how each page is setup. They check each staff member's spread and deadlines. All this work sometimes remains unknown to much of the student body. Students easily gripe about mistakes in the yearbook, without suggesting new ideas or helping out. They must support the editors so the finishing of the yearbook goes smoothly with great results. Appreciation should also be rewarded to photographers by those whose faces are shown among the book's pages. Taking pictures of all types of teens in the school becomes tremendously difficult. Many students do not participate in activities, which toughens a photographer's job of putting them into the yearbook. Even though, students must encourage photographers and make involving every class member more capable. The yearbook is filled mainly with pictures taken by these skilled staff members. Without photographers, the yearbook would only be something to read, losing its specialness. Requiring much of the student body's help, spreadpersons create the entire inner part of the book. Many items on a page, or spread, come from their classmates. Using quotes often, spreadpersons interview students to get their feelings on a variety of topics. Each caption written by them describes who the student in a certain picture is and what they are doing. That shows how spreadpersons require full cooperation from their classmates. The importance of the yearbook and all those who help it must stand out. For the section of student pictures, a past editor once wrote, "Well here is the place where you will look back and see the face if your best friend, your worst enemy, . . . It won't just be their face, it will be their name and memories too. . . We'll realize how much these people influenced our lives and our future." That relates to yearbook in may ways. The yearbook is made all for the students and their enjoyment. The more the staff is appreciated, the more they will accomplish. Speaking to everyone, the editor also commented, "Not everybody can be in the spotlight and we know that there are a lot of other people out there with special talents." As the yearbook staff respects that saying, students should respect and appreciate the "special talents" of editors, photographers, and spreadpersons.